Justin Bieber has added to his ink collection with a new chest tattoo, depicting gargoyles, angels and other religious symbols.

The singer posted a video of the style work to his Instagram on Saturday. Along with the video he posted this mirror selfie.

The new chest tattoo adds to his current ones showing an eagle, a lion and bear, and the words 'Son of God' respectively.
目前他的纹身上分别有一只鹰、一只狮子、一头熊以及“Son of God”(神之子)这几个词,然后他又在胸口上添了一幅新的纹身。

According to the caption on one of Bang Bang's three Bieber tattoo posts, this most recent piece of work took a total 26 hours over the course of three consecutive days.

So we know Bieber can stand the pain and we know he's committed to the art form. We also now know what he's been spending his time doing while not on tour.

Even though this is Bieber's , and he's free to draw whatever he likes on it, some of his fans felt compelled to make their displeasure known.

Did Justin Bieber really just tattoo his whole torso?

Justin Bieber's new tattoo is so ugly.