As “Fear the Walking Dead” continues to develop in Season 2, Chris (Lorenzo James Henrie) has become the to watch, week in and week out. While early in Season 2 he showed himself to be fairly adept at killing zombies, it was with the Sept. 4 episode — “Do Not Disturb” — that he showed a new and much darker side to his character.
随着“行尸之惧”2季的剧情发展,克里斯(Lorenzo James Henrie)渐渐地形成观察别人的性格特点。在第二季初他表现得相当擅长杀死僵尸,就像9月4日播出的“Do Not Disturb”,他显示了他性格里全新的、更黑暗的一面。

After Chris and his dad Travis (Cliff Curtis) began traveling with a group of strangers, Chris murdered an innocent man in cold blood, simply because the guy was trying to protect his . It took almost no effort for Chris to gun the older man down, ending a life in what was already a terrible world.
在克里斯和他的父亲特拉维斯(Cliff Curtis)开始与一群陌生人出游后,克里斯冷血地杀了一个无辜的人只是因为对方想保护他的财产。克里斯毫不费力地枪杀了那位老先生,结束了他在那可怕的世界中的生活。

What’s worse is he didn’t seem to have any issue with it. For him, this is the world now.

But if the look on his dad’s face as he watched the man die is any , Travis is not only disappointed in his son but disgusted by his actions. It’s been a slippery slope for Chris since the group left Los Angeles and it seems as if his disconnection with the reality of his actions is only growing deeper.

The way he reached his hand down to Travis in an effort to help him up showed how little regard he has for lives other than those he cares about. Meanwhile, Travis spent the episode explaining to Chris that things will get better eventually.

Fans of “The Walking Dead” know that most definitely isn’t the case, but that doesn’t mean Chris needs to let his humanity slip away. That’s how Negan is born. Or The Governor. Or The Wolves. Or any number of horrific people the world of “The Walking Dead” has unleashed.

The question is whether it’s too late to save Chris from that fate.